Geely Science and Indian Enterprises sign the Charter agreement of the Grand Bouvet

Writer:ChingSource:Great Wisdom Aastock Date:2017-07-14
Kyrgyzstan's science announced in Monday that the company had signed a non-exclusive concession agreement with 7 Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers to allow it to produce the Bouvet tablets of hepatitis C medicines and ledipasvir+ Bouvet tablets of fixed-dose combinations and sell them to more than 91 developing countries.
The listed producers include the Indian generics giant Ranbaxy Laboratories (Ranbaxy Laboratories) and its subsidiaries in Milan. The distribution to 91 countries in the world will be more than 100 million people, the number of patients in the global hepatitis C 54%.
According to the agreement signed by the two sides, 7 Indian manufacturers will receive the complete technology transfer of the Geely Science and can independently produce the Bouvet tablet or the combination of ledipasvir and other hepatitis C drugs.
In addition, the 7 Indian manufacturers can also set up the Grand Bouvet tablet generic drug pricing, and a portion of the sales to Geely Science as a royalty payment.

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